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Privacy Policy


  • Your data is only stored permanently on your own computer, or if using our Google Drive add-on, in Google Drive. To improve performance, we may cache your query results on our servers for a few hours.
  • The only exception to the above is if you use the feature in our Google Search Console connector that stores old results, allowing you to get data for more than 90 days. When using that feature, your data is stored on our servers for as long as you use it. After you stop accessing the data, it will be deleted within six months.
  • We do not use your data for any other purposes than for the functioning of our reporting tools.
  • We do not share your data to third parties or to other users of our tools in any way.


  • Supermetrics tools only use official APIs (application programming interfaces) for accessing data.
  • Data transfers are done using SSL encrypted HTTPS connections.
  • For logging into the data sources, our tools use OAuth. This is a secure authentication method, which means that you never have to type your password into our tools, as the authentication happens on a webpage hosted by the data source (eg. Google, Facebook or Microsoft).
  • With Google services, our tools will only have rights to access your Google Analytics/AdWords/YouTube data (depending on which service you are logging in to), nothing else on your Google account. You can revoke Supemetrics’s right to access your data at any point from your Google account control panel.
  • Most other services we connect to also work with OAuth, and provide their own interface for revoking access rights. There are a few services that still require you to type your username and password, or API key, into our tools.
  • Our data processing and storage happens in Amazon and Google data centers.
  • Our security is regularly audited by Silverskin Information Security.

Analytics, Online Advertising, and Remarketing

  • Supermetrics works with 3rd party providers to obtain the information regarding traffic on Supermetrics websites, including pages viewed and the actions taken when visiting and other Supermetrics web properties; to serve our advertisements on other websites and elsewhere online; to provide us with information regarding the use of our websites and the effectiveness of our marketing efforts.
  • Above mentioned partners may collect certain information about your visits to and activity on Supermetrics websites, they may set and access their own tracking technologies on your device (including cookies and web beacons), and use that information to show you targeted advertisements.
  • We use Google AdWords Remarketing and other similar services (e.g. retargeting) to advertise Supermetrics across the Internet. These services will display relevant ads tailored to you based on what parts of Supermetrics websites you have viewed by placing a cookie on your device. This cookie does not in any way identify you or give access to your computer. It helps us to customize our marketing to better suit your needs and only display ads that are relevant to you. 
  • You can read here how Google is using your data when you are visiting  Supermetrics websites 
  • You can set up your browser to decline cookies, should you wish to do so. However, this may prevent you from taking full advantage of Supermetrics websites. If you do not wish to participate in our Google AdWords Remarketing, you can opt out by visiting Google’s Ads Preferences Manager. You can also opt out of many third-party vendors’ use of cookies by visiting here or (EU users) here. Please note that opting out through these mechanisms does not opt you out of being served advertising, and you will continue to receive generic ads while online.
If you have any questions concerning the privacy policy, don’t hesitate to contact us at

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